How to care for leather, according to experts

Industry insiders share easy ways (that really work) to care for your favourite leather shoes and bags.

SINGAPORE: Designer shoes and handbags are often considered investment pieces that we are most willing to splurge on. When it comes to taking care of leather, however, not many are sure about the upkeep the tricky material requires. To make sure your favourite shoes and bags last for years, we’ve turned to some experts for advice.


“Make a habit of using a soft cloth to clean the insoles of your leather shoes and surface of your leather bag after each use, and leather care will no longer feel like a huge chore,” shared Geraldine Goh, co-founder of local label Arete Goods, which specialises in quality handcrafted leather shoes and bags.

For celebrity stylist Furqan Saini, who owns over 90 pairs of leather shoes, cleaning them is a weekly affair. “I make it a point to give my shoes a quick wipe when I get home – I don’t like the idea of dirt and grime accumulating for too long. I have 14 pairs of white leather sneakers that I clean religiously once a week.”