The Right Way to Keep Your Suede Shoes Clean

Now that we’re right in the thick of summer, there’s a good chance that suede shoes have been a regular feature of your wardrobe. Especially given that suede sneakers are a pro-level style move right now. But of course, with regular wear comes unwanted dirt and grime (and the occasional rainstorm). And if you live…

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How to care for leather, according to experts

Industry insiders share easy ways (that really work) to care for your favourite leather shoes and bags. SINGAPORE: Designer shoes and handbags are often considered investment pieces that we are most willing to splurge on. When it comes to taking care of leather, however, not many are sure about the upkeep the tricky material requires.…

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How To Take Care Of Suede Shoes

 Suede shoes are a beauty to look at, but the problem with them is keeping them in good shape, especially at this time when rain could decide to fall at any given moment. We all know that suede and liquids do not go very well together. So how do you make sure that your suede…

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